Cooperation Principle

Win-win development

Over past 21 years of development, we have continuously revised and improved our understanding of cooperation.


Complementary advantages

Hanstar believes that the industrial division creates the accumulation and experience value of different companies in their respective fields. And only focusing and developing in the sophisticated field can help both parties in cooperation achieve certain market advantages.


Mutual achievement

Cooperation is not a zero-sum game. We believe that both parties' efforts and support are not one-way or without return. The process of business actually is a process of mutual development through improving each other's market share and professional competence.


Commitment to principles

After going through various cooperation challenges, we fully realize that to create a long-term and stable cooperation, both parties must abide by the basic ethics and principles - Do the positive thing, Respect Customers, Focus on quality, Responsible for product, No cutting corners, No bribery, Act reasonably and compliantly, Promote the healthy development of the company and the industry.


Mutual trust and win-win

in a fierce market competition, to achieve 1+1>2, simple business exchanges cannot lead to more far-reaching cooperation anymore. our responsibility is to achieve mutual trust as much as possible, keep an open mind and establish an win-win goal. It's no doubt that this goal cannot be achieved by only one party, we will find and influence the matching partners with sincerity and persistence. create more conditions for both sides to walk on this road.


Be stronger together

After Decades of development and full understanding to the market situation, we realize that there is no company that can always thrive, no myth that can exist forever, the market does not believe in tears. Those company who can not adapt to the competition will be eliminated; Only strengthening, developing profession consistently can enterprises maintain a certain influence in the market. Hanstar knows that our competitiveness highly depends on a group of partners with a common ideal and their competitiveness, so the most effective cooperation is to focus on strengths, complement advantages mutually, mutual achievements and be stronger together.